Are you in the new NC House District 11?

New precinct map of NC HD11

New precinct map of NC HD11


- This district covers part of Southwest Raleigh and much of Cary -


Please visit the NC Board of Elections public voter search tool to find your voter file which provides your district numbers (NC House, NC Senate, Congressional House, Precinct number):

Note: If you already know your precinct number you can look for it in this map. For your convenience, below are the precinct numbers in NC House District 11. If your precinct is in district 11 you and your neighbors can vote for Allison Dahle on November 6th!

If you have any questions about the maps or need assistance to find out which district you're in please send us an email:

Precinct numbers for North Carolina House District 11:

01-31, 01-32, 01-41, 01-48, 01-49, 04-01, 04-02, 04-03, 04-04, 04-06,

04-10, 04-11, 04-12, 04-14, 04-15, 04-16, 04-20, 18-01, 18-06, 18-08